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Glam Glittered Gold and Blue Ornament Set

Glam Glittered Gold and Blue Ornament Set

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Glam Glittered Gold and Blue Ornament Set

Elevate your holiday ambiance with our opulent Glam and Glittered Gold and Blue Elegant Christmas Ornament Set! This enchanting collection features 70 assorted ornaments including balls, trees, snowflakes, and royal heart pendants that effortlessly infuse your space with a touch of regal charm. Illuminate your celebrations with the shimmering brilliance of these meticulously crafted ornaments, each capturing the essence of joy and merriment.

Adorn your tree with these exquisite ornaments that blend glamorous gold with glimmering blue hues, creating a harmonious symphony of elegance and festivity. Whether you're aiming for a luxurious holiday display or a chic winter wonderland, these ornaments promise to add a touch of sophistication to your festive ensemble. 

70 total ornaments
Baubles are made out of shatterproof plastic
Package has a height of 10.8in and a length of 10.9in

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