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YaY Bag Jumbo Reusable Bag - Starfish

YaY Bag Jumbo Reusable Bag - Starfish

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YaY Bag Jumbo Reusable Bag - Starfish


The YaYbag JUMBO is a great choice, with a size large enough to hold up to 55 lbs of items, while its ergonomic long handle makes it comfortable to carry on your shoulder. This sturdy bag is made of high-quality 100% polyester taffeta fabric that is machine washable and incredibly durable, allowing you to use it for multiple purposes such as grocery shopping, beach trips, gym visits, yoga classes, travel companionship, storage needs, diaper transport, book club events, picnic outings, laundry carrying bag, and even gifting!

Plus its foldable property allows you to roll it up into a small roll and secure it with an attached elastic for easy storage in between uses.

Not only does the YaYbag JUMBO offer superior protection for the environment but also looks chic and stylish so you can pair it with any outfit. With a huge selection of prints available for this 20"W x 28"H bag, there's something for everyone! 

  • Machine washable reusable bag.

  • Folds into a small roll with a built-in elastic for compact and easy storage.

  • Light but strong enough for many years of reuse. YAY!!