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Face Mask Extender Strap Set of 2
Face Mask Extender Strap Set of 2

Face Mask Extender Strap Set of 2

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Ear Saver Adaptor Straps For Face Masks

Mask extenders are the perfect way to eliminate the stress that comes from wearing a protective face mask for long periods of time. Available in a set of two, one white and one black, the inexpensive silicone rubber extenders are designed with a series of notches at each end that hold the ear loops in place. Simply slip the ear loops over the notches on each side then wrap the flexible extender around the back of the head to keep your protective face covering securely in place. For added comfort it is made from a silicone rubber that won’t pull at your hair. To make sure you’ve got a good fit, the ear loops can be adjusted on the extender by moving them from notch to notch until you find a fit that’s right for you. Innovative, easy to use, and cheap in price too. Anyone can use this mask accessory to relieve the pressure on your ears without affecting the fit of the mask!
•6" (L) x 3/4" (W)
•Silicone Rubber
•Set includes 1 white and 1 black extender
•Soft and flexible material for comfort and best fit
•3 notches on each side allow for a large variety of sizes
•Masks sold separately