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EnVBags- Reusable Grocery Bags

It's a shopping bag, beach bag, book bag, tote bag, gym bag, gift bag. The possibilities are endless!!

Weighing in at just three ounces, each EnV Bag holds up to 40 pounds and is water resistant. The smart design includes a bottom gusset so the tote sits flat when packed - and handles long enough to carry over the shoulder, even when stuffed. Each tote comes in its own zipper pouch, when you are using the tote the pouch will hook inside the bag (near the seam).  However if you lose the pouch the bottom straps will keep the bags nice and neat.  The 3packs contain 3 different totes in our medium sized zipper pouch.   Measurements: 25" high by 19" wide with a 4" gusset at the bottom.

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